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How Long Should A Tie Be? Here are Factors to Consider

Some love it short while others love it long. The only problem is that majority of people who wear ties do not take major factors into consideration. Whether you love it short or long, there are some factors that dictate the most idea tie length. So, how long should a tie be? Here are some of the things you should consider:

Are You Putting On A Full Suit?

If you are wearing a full suit, it should not be that long. However, you must ensure that the blazer supports the tip of the tie. In other words, it should not be left hanging once you button your blazer. If you are not wearing a full suit, the tie length should go slightly below the belt.

Are You In A Casual Wear, this can determine how long should a tie be.

Casual wear does not necessarily require you to put on a long tie. After all, your aim is to appear informal yet decent. In most cases, it is recommended that ties worn along with casual wear should rest on the belly. You should not allow the it to hit the belt.

Do You Wear Tie Clips?

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A tie clip is meant for those who prefer it long rather than short. If you prefer a clip, then you should keep your tie long, preferably slightly past or on the belt. If you do not wish to wear a clip, then you can simply allow the tie to be on your belly. The length should be medium as opposed to long. The advantage of wearing a tie clip is that your appearance is complemented, and you are spared from constant distraction especially when the tie is brown away by wind.


How long should a tie be is a question that can only be answered by considering the above factors. It is always about complementing your appearance with the right tie length.  

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