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Elegant Low and High Skin Fade HairCuts You Should Consider

They say modernity in haircuts is the way to go. Instead of seeking the old-fashioned haircuts, it is about time you considered the new haircuts such as high skin fade. High and low skin fade haircuts are among the most popular, elegant, and stylish hairdos today. Why don’t you consider taking either of the fades today? You will love your new look.

However, you must begin with choosing the best barber near you. High skin fade haircuts are only done by professional barbers and so are low skin fade haircuts. Do not take chances. Rather, aim at working with professional barbers only.

Here are among the high and low skin fade haircuts that you might want to consider:

The Faded Hawk Alternative to High Skin Fade

The Hawk is an ideal twist for those who want to change from Mohawk to something else. The good thing about this haircut is the originality. It appears more authentic than Mohawk. In this case, the barber aims at chopping long strands and shaping them such that they appear spiky. The long hair is then tapered in the middle of the head and made to face backwards. The skin fading is done on the sides.

The end result is an outstanding haircut style. This is an ideal haircut for people with hard and curly hair. It becomes even better when the tapered hair is dyed by the tips. You will love it.

Hard Part and Slick Back

What you will love about this haircut style is the hard part line by the side. It makes a lot of difference in putting the haircut into perspective. You will also fall in love with the manner in which the strands at the top are tuned. The dark tone and tender texture makes it appear really attractive. When the style is finished with bald side fading, everything turns really amazing.

Smooth and Sexy Short Waves

Did you know that short waves haircut works just fine for both men and women? The sexy nature of the haircut renders it unisex. However, you must have wavy hair for you to do this skin fade haircut. It is easy to enhance the waves. An excellent razor fade will be required to make sure that the fade on the side is done in the best way. A professional barber will certainly understand how to do the waves and the side fades.

Trendy Undercut

Perhaps you are looking for a haircut that is classy and more stylish than the regular ones. If that is the case, the trendy undercut will work just fine as a low skin fade haircut. It works ideally for people with long and feathery back rocks. Clipper fades by the sides will be done easily only if your hair is feathery.

Cute Blonde Lineup

Like the name goes, this haircut goes ideally with people who have blonde hair. You must admit that blonde is such a great color. However, the color of the hair is not enough to make you standout. Of course you will need a haircut to make you look even better and a low skin fade haircut will work fine.

Consider Cute Blonde Lineup. It involves leaving some upswept and textured strands on the crown. The sides are then given smooth and stylish tapering. You will be amazed how cool you will look in this hairdo. Do not forget the lineups. They are an enhancing factor.


Other haircut types that are just as popular and that you can consider are low skin fade, high skin fade, bald fade, medium skin fade, mid skin fade, skin fade undercut, skin fade with beard.  All you need is to know the shape of your head, the color of your skin, and the texture of your hair. That way, you will easily decide the best haircut to go for.  

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