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Gentlemans Cut: 4 Styles That Might Compliment Your New Look

Among the many elements used to identify a gentleman, haircut is among the strongest. It takes a cool, appealing, and attractive haircut to be termed a gentlemans cut. Here is a list of 4 haircut styles that you would want to consider in your next visit to the barbershop:

  • The Brit-Boy Fade

This is one gentleman’s cut that will work well for both formal and informal occasions. It is characterized by fairly short hair at the front part of the head. The rear and side parts of the head are partially faded. Trimmed beards work just fine with this haircut.

  • Gatsby Slick-Back












This gentlemans cut only requires you to fairly trim your long hair. You will have to leave it in such a manner that it can be held using a band from behind. Better still, you can leave it in such a way that the front part can bend on the side while the rear part is combed backwards. You can opt to completely fade your beards or have them long. Either case is just fine.

  • Suedehead A Gentlemans Cut

Perhaps all you want is short hair and smothered beards. If that is the case, then you can opt for suedehead. In this case, the hair has to be trimmed evenly without necessarily minding the hairline. The beards have to be cut completely. It is the style that Justin Bieber loves.

  • Lazy Man’s Pompadour

This is the kind of gentlemans cut that tends to emulate the ancient Afro. A slight fade is usually done by the sides, leaving the rear and front part with long hair. Combing is done differently in the front and back. The long hair at the front of the head should face forwards while the one at the rear part should face backwards.


The shape of your head matters in determining which of the above gentleman’s cut works well for you.

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