Flat Top Haircut: Four Simple Styles For A Great Look

Flat Top Haircut

A man with a flat top hairdo looks unique as compared to a man in any other style. This is because the style tunes even the appearance of one’s face. Perhaps you should try one of the Flat Top hairstyles today. Here are a few suggestions of a flat top haircut you might be interested in.

Angular Flat Top Haircut

The long hair adjacent to the forehead is tuned in a certain angle and then complemented with a neat fade cut. The long hair is then combed facing towards the precise angle such that one appears blocky. The smooth fade on the sides is considered ideal especially when the beards are trimmed completely. This style coupled with the right outfit is sure to have you looking your best and with top style. 

Black Faded Flat Top

military flat top haircut












If you are black, then this is the most ideal haircut for you. In this case, you do not have to change the texture of your hair and this is why the style is recommended for black men. The long hair in the front is tuned to form a box-like shape. The rear part of the head is given a partial fade and a precise cut. No need for long beards in this case. Although this hairstyle was in back in the day we are seeing that it’s making a come back.  Once it becomes a trend it’s common to see more and more people adapting to the new look and style.

Precision Flat Top 

flat top haircut designs








One of the rare yet very unique flat top haircuts you will come across. It calls for utmost precision when doing this haircut so be sure to tell your stylist to be at his best.  You can’t afford for this haircut to be done incorrectly.  This is one of those hairstyles where you have to bring your best or don’t rock it at all.  Only the rear bottom part is faded while the other parts are trimmed fairly. The forehead part is combed slightly towards the back. With precision combing, the style will be fantastic.

Salt and Pepper Flat Top

They call it the seductive haircut- one of the best flat top haircuts. It is characterized by black and grey hair throughout. Fading is only by the sides and partially at the back. You will need to match the size of your beards with the side fades on your head to compliment this flat top haircut. You will love the style all the way.


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