Unique Drop Fade Ideas For A Great Look And Style

Did you know something about a dash fade haircut? It can be done for official or casual purposes. It is a versatile haircut hence you should consider trying it today. There are a number of variations of drop fade styles for you to consider to determine fit. Upon trying different variations you can opt to go with the one that is the best fit for you. Sometimes you will be surprised by how a certain type of haircut can give you that unique look and feel.  

Here are some ideas that may ring a bell in your mind:

Beard Drop Fade Slicked Back

Drop Fade













Do you love keeping long beards? If so this is the style for you. It is characterized by long hair on the top of the head with drop fades on both sides.  The other thing that makes this pop is the long beard. Note that you have to comb the long hair towards the back. When you combine the two makes for a great combination that you can sport on your next date or night out on the town.  

Hard Part With Drop Fade

It is a casual yet official haircut that you will certainly love. The side fades can be thorough or partial depending on your taste. The partitioning line on the left will certainly complement your appearance. Do not forget to bend your hair away from the partitioning line. You can keep the beards slightly trimmed to match the thorough side fades.

Modern Pomp Drop

It is more like a twist of the famous Mohawk. However, there is something very unique about the style. A high concentration of hair is maintained at the top and made to bend backwards. The drop fades are concentrated towards the sides. It would be a perfect haircut for people with semi-white hair.

Brush-Up and Drop Fade

brush up drop fade













You need to smoothen your beards for this haircut. The fades are usually thorough and slightly partial at the back of the head. Long hair is maintained at the top of the head and slightly gets shorter towards the back. The long hair close to the forehead is combed towards the back.


The right hairstyle can give you the ideal look and feel. Image having that look you didn’t think would be a fit for you only to be surprised by the outcome.  It doesn’t hurt to try something new and who knows it may end up being your go to style or your  style of choice for certain occasions or special events.

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