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Which Brands Make The Best Double Edge Razor Blades For Haircuts

You might have decided to shave your beards from home. There is nothing wrong with that since it is a simple exercise that does not necessarily require a professional. However, without the right double edge razor blades, it might prove tricky to engage in a clean shave. It all starts with choosing the right brand of double edge razor bladed.

Here are some of the applauded brands of double edge razor blade that you might want to consider:


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For the past couple of years, BIC has held a strong image in the international arena. It is among the few companies that produce high quality double edge razor blades. BIC razor blades are able to maintain sharpness for a long time. Above all, BIC razor blades are stainless steel.



The Israel made razor blades have also featured in the top list as one of the best. The blades are noticeably sharp hence able to cut through even the hardest hair follicles. Crystal razor blades are considered ideal in shaving beards. Smooth cuts are assured. They usually come I varying qualities and prices.














One of the reasons why Derby Razor Blades are prominent is the fact that they can shave on sensitive skins without compromising safety. This, however, does not mean that the cutting edges are not sharp. In fact, the blades are very efficient in cutting follicles. Above all, they are inexpensive.



In terms of durability, Feather dual border shaver edge have a high score which puts it on the high end of the durability spectrum. They are designed to last for long without rust and diminishing sharpness. The blades are also ideal for those with sensitive skins. Smooth cut is assured.

Our conclusion on double edge razor blades

Now you know some of the leading brands of double edge razor blades. This list should help when looking to narrow down and choose a blade that will best fit your haircut or shaving needs.  Not all blades are created equal, however there is one that is right for each individual. If you try one that doesn’t seem to be the right fit try another until you find the one that is an ideal match for you.  

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