The Unique David Beckham Hair Styles You Can Consider

david beckham hair

You will undoubtedly fall in love with the ever unique David Beckham Hair styles. Perhaps you should emulate some of them, consider barbers near you to find a place for this haircut. The disclaimer, though, is that you should mind the shape of your head. You do not have to look like David Beckham to do the style but your head shape should be something close to that.

 Once you determine this type of style is a fit consider going for it and see if it gives you a unique look.  Keep in mind that the david beckham hairstyle is known to get a lot of positive attention and perhaps it can do the same for you.

Checkout some of the David Beckham haircut designs you might be interested in:

  • David Beckham Mohawk

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No one thought that short hair with a Mohawk twist would appear good on David Beckham. In his case, he opts to have fades by the sides and partially at the back. Short hair is maintained at the top of the head, with spikes facing upwards to form a Mohawk. The beards are kept short in this case. This turned out to be a plus in his case, and has gotten a lot of eyeballs over the period of time he sported that hair style. Some local barbers are able to give their client this exact same haircut. 

  • David Beckham Hair style Undercut

Here is yet another unique David Beckham hair designs. He opts to keep the hair shaggy with spikes facing in all directions. The interesting bit is the hair color. He opts to go blonde on this one. If you like wearing ear locks, then this is the style for you. Keep your beards low and not long.

  • David Beckham Long Hair

david beckham hairstyle undercut










This is the all-time David Beckham hair design especially when in the field. It is characterized by blonde color with black tinges close to the roots of the hair. The long hair is combed towards the side from the clear boundary at the front middle of the head. Long beards can as well be fine in the case of this hairdo.

  • David Beckham Soothing Smile

All you need is to have your hair tips trimmed. The front part should be combed towards the right side while the other part falls towards the left. You do not have to worry about the beards. Keep them fairly short. With that you can be ready for your next big day  and you can roll in style. Ask your barber to give you one of those styles the next time you are at the barbershop. 

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