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Build Barber Clientele Proven Strategies Used By Top Barbers

The thought of how to build clientele as a barber just makes the heart beat faster, especially for a new barber. Many people are so attached to their current barbers, there is stiff competition and generally it’s never easy to start any new business, but it is possible for a new barber to build barber clients.

So, exactly how can you build barber clientele? Here are 5 simple tips that will help you.

1. Promote your services

Promote your services as much as possible. This can be done through fliers, professional business cards, brochures, directory listings and even newspaper advertisements.

Do this regularly till you get frequent clients. You are not just looking for those clients who come to you when their regular barber is busy. You’re looking for those who are dedicated to your services, this will help build barber clientele. Before you get this, heavily promote your business.

2. Be presentable to Build Barber Clientele

You are your own best model. People tend to love a barber who has their hair well done. Think about it. Would you have a barber with shabby looking hair touch your hair? Definitely not. Therefore, make sure your hair is always on point.

3. Over deliver

This works like a charm. Consider offering extra services to your clients at the same fee. So instead of just giving a haircut, throw in a massage, hot towel or even a facial. This will wow your client and most of the time they’ll still pay more for the extra service.

Even if they don’t pay for that instantly, they may come later to express their appreciation. And you’ll convert some random visitors into regular clients.

4. Get social

Nowadays social media rocks. It really helps people to link up with their favorite brands and heavily increases brand awareness. The more they see you and your wonderful haircuts, the more they will want to be associated with your services. Make sure you have a presence in all the top social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

5. Referrals

You’ve seen referrals working in top brands such as Uber and the like. They also work great in barber shops. You can give your customers referral bonuses or discounts whenever they bring in new clients. Make sure you offer superb services otherwise all this will be in vain.


When starting out, it may look so hard to build clientele as a barber. However, don’t lose your focus. Just make sure you take as much deliberate action as possible daily. Soon you’ll be having droves of dedicated customers who adore and always come back to your services and this will help you build barber clientele.

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