Best Haircuts Round Faced Men

The Most Ideal And Best Haircuts Round Faced Men

Being round-faced is a blessing. However, with the wrong haircut, you might not look so appealing in the face of your friends. In this regard, you must aim at choosing a haircut that goes well with round-faced men. There is a variety to choose from. In this article we will provide you with some suggestions best haircuts round faced men.

Above all, you must seek the services of a professional barber. It might be a disappointment if your hair is cut wrongly. It is one thing to choose men’s hairstyle for your face shape, and it is another thing to have the haircut done in the right way. Choosing the right barber is something that you cannot take chances with.

  1. The Classic Pompadour- Best haircuts round faced men

Some consider it classic but the truth is that the hairdo is very trendy. It is a perfect match for guys whose faces are round and can be considered one of the  best haircuts for round face men. You will love the long Pompadour since they add volume to your hair. However, this may only be ideal for informal reasons. For guys who face hair restrictions at work, short Pompadour can be just fine for you. It is formal and presentable at the same time.

Best Haircuts Round Faced Men

  1. Faux Hawk

It is a special twist of the all-time Mohawk and a perfect option for guys whose faces are round. Maybe you want to retain your long hair rather than having it trimmed completely. Faux Hawk will be just fine for you. The other advantage about the style is that you can have maximum adventure with your hair. You can put the hair in different angles to match the shape of your face. Insist of samples from the barber you have chosen since only a person with experience can handle such a haircut.

  1. Spiky

Maybe you are not a faux Hawk fan. If that is the case, then just ask for the Spiky hairstyle. It is a close sister to Faux Hawk only that barbers aim at creating some spikes especially at the middle of your head. The style can take different angles too depending on your preference. You are at liberty to define the hair spikes the way you want. However, evenness is very important for the purpose of keeping you less messy.

  1. Side Part

The style is formal in nature and it can take different twists. The hair by the sides will be partially trimmed such that it is shorter than the top part. The long hair on the top is then combed and laid to face towards one side. Note that there is a sideline that is involved in creating a boundary between the long and short hair.

The greatest advantage about this haircut is that it complements almost every wear. You can put on an official suit and still work with the hairdo. You can also wear casually without distorting your appearance. The haircut is very versatile for round-faced men. Aside from that, the style can be coupled with others, in most cases the pompadour.

  1. Vertical Haircut

If you are after better looks, then this haircut will work just fine for you. The haircut requires that you have a large volume of hair, particularly in the front part. To achieve that, you will require wax or top-quality pomade. Once that is achieved, you can tune the hair in different angles to match your face. Note that the hairstyle goes with other cuts too. You are at liberty to experiment.


It is all about figuring out the most ideal haircut for your round face. It is not a matter of taking chances since your appearance can be affected drastically if you make the wrong choice of a haircut. Be sure to use our Tips for best haircuts round faced men.


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