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Beard Styles Check Out Top Styles To Help Bring Out Your Best

Different beard styles compliment different individuals differently. While a beard that is medium style will look good on one person that might not be true for the next person.  The style of beard can be the one thing that attracts someone to you hence why you should consider the one which will fit you best. So, you have been trying to land a date but haven’t had much luck? Don’t be surprise if she sparks up a conversation with you because of your attractive shaped beard.

Here are some beardstyles you can consider:

Top  Hair Styles For Men  Gillette

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 Bring your beard to the next level. Step up your game face with these 15 Gillette®-certified beard styles. Make sure you have the right tools for the job.

A man’s Guide to 16 Beards Info-graphic for Men

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Find the Best Beard  Styles for Your Face Shape

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Distinct face shapes call for different facial hair styles. These rules will help you achieve the option facial hair style. Some facial type might even call for no facial hair. Of course these does depend on your individual facial features.

Should I do a goatee or an Extended goetee?

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The goetee can be a favorite go to facial hairstyle. Some choose to wear the gotee short or thick depending which type gives their appearance an edge. The goetee looks best when all other facial hair is shaved cleaned so that it can stand out. We have notice some goetees that’s hard to distinguish because of all other facial hair that distracts it.  When you are wearing your goetee make clear and easy to distinguish.

To the Point and Simple






















Some might consider this a professional type beard style. It’s an elegant and simple, as it features a closed shaved goatee and beard which fades into the sideburns.

Short Hair and Beard

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Short hair and beard makes a great combination. If the edge is done right this style can be a highlight that can help you stand out and look great.

Ideal beard type for your face

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What’s the best beard type for your face? That depends on a variety of factors including the type of haircut you are sporting at the time.  For that reason we provided some inspiration in this article for you to try.

History of Beards

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Beards have had many uses during the history of humans.  Early humans used beards for warmth and intimidation.  In current times, they  have been used to show masculinity, royalty, fashion, and status read full story

Top Styles Men will love


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Take Care of your Beard and it will take care of you











There are many great beard styles to choose from.  When making your choice consider the one that will most compliment your style and swag. Have fun, look great.



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