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Barbershops Tallahassee Review Our List of The Best 10

Are you a resident of Tallahassee? Maybe you are looking for a barbershop where you will be getting regular haircuts. If that is the case, then you need to consider 10 best barbershops Tallahassee.

This is because barbering is never a game of chances. You want someone who can work on your hair with utmost precision and professionalism. You want nothing but the best barbershop Tallahassee has to offer.


Over the years, there have been an increasing number of barbers in Tallahassee. This means that the task of choosing the best barber becomes rather challenging. If you are still stuck in choosing the most ideal barber for you, then you might require some referrals or rather guidance. After all, you cannot afford to take the risk of working with a barber whose experience is not at par.


Here are 10 most recommended barbershops in Tallahassee:


1. Chop Barbershop


Located at Thomasville Road, this tanks as one of the barbershops whose professionalism cannot be doubted. Barbers here will give you a listening ear to make sure that your preference is met to the fullest.


2. Living In The Cut- Barbershops Tallahassee


The barbershop is located along Ocala Road in Tallahassee, Florida. One great thing about the barbershop is the lenience in terms of charges. Even the most complex haircut is done at low charges. Above all, staff here is very friendly with clients.


3. The Barbershop at Lake Ella


The truth is that the management of this barbershop understands all the strategies that can help in building clientele. Everything about this barbershop is professionalism and precision. Be sure to request for your preferred haircut and have it done just the way you love it.


4. Renegade Barbershop


It is here that you will enjoy the taste of modern barbering. All tools at this barbershop are modern to ensure that you get the best services. You can be assured that all barbering styles are done here, with an addition of other related services which is why this is on our list of barbershops Tallahassee. 


5. Magnolia Barbershop


The barbershop is located along Miccosukee Road in Tallahassee. It is one of the very best barbershops in Tallahassee in the sense that services are available all-week long and professionalism is a big assurance. You do not have to look further since the style you want can be done professionally done here.


6. Sportclips


If you want to experience utmost consistency in every haircut you get here, then sportclips is the right place for you. You will be amazed to know that every client is personalized at sportclips, this means that if you are a regular client here, your style will be consistently done in the way you love.


7. City Nails


Well, if your preference is a barbershop that has both haircut and nail care services, here you go. City Nails is located at Village Square BLVD, Tallahassee, Florida. The place attracts a high number of clients simply because all services offered are professional. You will be amazed by the services you will get there.


8. 1 Touch Barber Shop


In terms of experience, you should be fully informed that 1 Touch Barber Shop is abreast. The barbershop has been in operation for years and their services keep getting better by the day. Get your most preferred haircut at sliced charges and with utmost care


9. Classic Cuts Salon


Are you looking for a barbershop that can undertake a detailed haircut of you? If that is the case, then Classic Cuts Salon is the right partner for you. Even the most complex haircut is handled here. No doubt! Service to their clients  is at its best at Classic Cuts Salon.


10. Seminole Barbershop


Enjoy the nice touch at Seminole Barbershop. Even kids love this place simply because barbering is done with utmost details. You will be happy to enjoy lenient charges on cuts, irrespective of haircut complexity.



You do not have to look further. Tallahassee has more than enough barbershops for you. Make a selection of the best barbershops Tallahassee and you will certainly not regret it. Some people also choose to use hair products in between their haircuts so as to keep there hair nice and smooth.  Consider using some hair products so as to maintain the health of your hair in between your haircuts and thereby maintaining the fresh look longer

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