Top 3 indispensable Barbering Tools You Need For Barbering Success

Looking to start your own barber shop, go pro or renew your tools of the trade? Or are you looking to amplify your men’s haircuts career now?  

The best barbering tools will have you trimming in the right direction. But if you are wondering what specific tools to find and get your A game on, here are six to help you establish the freshest cuts on the block.

We’ll skip the basics and get to the real barbering tools.

  • Electric, Professional Clippers (Barbering Tools)

The clipper is every self-respecting barber’s de facto tool. While most people start out with one T-blade trimmer and an adjustable clipper, if your budget is not too tight, you might want to add on to that dual-tool arsenal an extra detachable clipper.

A detachable clipper lets you swap blade sizes so you can control cuts’ sizes all the while mowing tracts of hair. On the other hand, if you are looking to craft exceptional tapers that your clients will want to keep for the longest time, get one (or more) adjustable trimmers. Their side levers let you pull terrific works of art while fading.

But to truly care for your clients, you’ll want to choose a pair of hypoallergenic clippers.  Still, a good hair clipper or trimmer will team up well with a quality beard line shaping tool.

Also, some clients will have more sensitive skin than others, so ensure to click on a pair of professional clippers and trimmers that will not cause skin irritation, leave razor bumps and mushroom ingrown hairs in their tracks.

It is unfortunate how many barber shops seem to forget this last bit.

  • Professional Hair Shears

Men with long hair styles, and who do not want to sit in a salon and have their hair done, will seek you out if you stock up on decent hair shears (assuming you can use them well).

Typically you are going to need three types of shears: small shears for scissors-over-fingers technique, thinning ones for texturing and blending, and larger ones for cutting hair over a comb.

You can start out with just these three and upgrade or diversify as you learn your clients’ styles and types.   


  • Straight-edge Shaving Razors Barbering Tools

It is not a complete barbering shop if it doesn’t cater to helping clients make out their beards and mustache ideas. Facial hair is a big part of it.

Now the best you’ll do is get your professional barbering tool kit straight and straight-bladed razor. The latter is an excellent mustache and beard trimming cutter. The former is splendid at cleaning all around the neck, especially the neckline.

Many clients’ skin may be sensitive around this area, so ensure you use only sterilized, stainless-steel razors together with warm towels and shaving oil.

If you know your stuff already, you can help your clients achieve their preferred beard or mustache texture or shave close and safe. A quality straight razor will allow your client to blossom good hair volume too, which is quite the opposite of what thinning shears will do.

  • Tweezers

But if your clients need unsightly facial hair, ingrown hair, horrid eyebrows, and bushy upper lip hair eliminated like only you can, consider purchasing some custom tweezers. In fact, you might need more than a pair.

These three must-have barbering tools call the shots for every professional barber out there. Before you can begin to gather up the basics such as a swivel chair, classic and clean cape, various comb sizes, and good old warm towels, consider choosing the best of the three tools above.

Their haircuts will thank you for it.




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