How Do I Get a Good Barber Shop Around Me?

For the modern man, grooming is key.  For that reason men often search for the term barber shop around me. This is because impressions matter, and often the first impression is everything. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!  A man’s grooming is a personal statement. In fact, it’s the first thing people notice about you. This is because it communicates your perspective and your values, what is important to you. It’s an indicator of your character and disposition.  Therefore, it greatly influences people’s impression of you and how they relate to you.

It’s an open secret that your grooming will impact the success of your business relationships. It will affect how people receive your business presentations and the outcome of that important interview. It also influences your personal relationships. Your hair style will play a significant role in the type of people you attract into your life and how people receive you generally. So a reliable and skilled barber is an important person in your life. His competency will have a bearing on your relationships and on the success of your endeavors. 

I travel frequently and being well groomed is critical in my work. So it’s vital for me to visit a competent barber. Often, I would ask myself, how do I pick a barbershop around me?

There are several ways around this;

Search online for barber shop around me


Nowadays most reputable shops have websites and can be found online. Going through the customer reviews will enable you to determine the quality of their services. You can also use the contacts provided in the sites to communicate with them. Calling them can help you get a clear picture of their services.  Visit several sites before making your decision. This allows you to choose the shop that best meets your needs.

Venture into the neighborhood

If you are in a new location consider walking around. Chances are that you will find a good shop that is not listed online. Also, visiting the barber personally will give you first hand knowledge of the quality and level of his skills.

Referrals: Ask around for barber shop around me

You can use this time tested method which is still effective. You can ask your family, friends and colleagues’ who are familiar with the place to advise you. You can also ask the locals to recommend a shop.

When at the shop:

  • Note the shop’s cleanliness. A great barber makes sure his premises and working area are neat and in order. He takes his work seriously.
  • Check the barber’s grooming. A great barber is a professional who takes care of his personal appearance. He is well groomed because he knows image is key.
  • Look for confidence. Your barber must have confidence in his abilities. Confident barbers will give you a firm handshake while looking you in the eye, and have a friendly smile.
  • Is the barber asking you the right questions? A good barber will seek to understand your grooming needs. He will also stop and ask for feedback during the haircut.


Every man needs a reliable and competent barber, his image depends on it. I know it is hard to find an exceptional one, and have also often struggled to find a barbershop around me. I’m glad I finally did. You can do it too; simply search online, look around, or ask for referrals. When you visit the shop, check its state, and the barber’s grooming and professionalism. If I can use the methods above to find barber shop around me so can you. 

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