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Barber Must Haves: 5 Tools Every Barbershop Should Have

A great barbershop should have all the necessary tools, each shop should have a list of barber must haves. People visit barbershops for different reasons. Some want basic haircuts while some want more complex designs. It will be bad to book a haircut appointment only to notice that the barbershop doesn’t have all necessary equipment. Here are the tools needed for a smooth barbershop experience, these are some barber must haves.


1. Electric Clipper

No barbershop can run without an electric hair clipper. This shaver has very sharp blades that are designed to work back and forth electronically to shave off hair. They are safe for the skin and cut hair effectively. They have adjustable blades, allowing them to cut hair at different lengths.

2. Chair is one of the Barber Must Haves

This is not just any chair but a professional barber’s chair. It is custom made to ensure that there is a great shaving experience. It can be adjusted in different ways as follows:

  • Moved up to the best height for the barber
  • Slanted to allow the barber to shave beard effectively
  • Swung around to enhance the whole shaving experience for both the barber and the person being shaved.

3. Mirror in another Barber Must Haves

You always want to see what the barber is doing on your hair, making this one of the essential barbershop must haves. It should be large enough to show your whole upper body. It should also be very clear so that you see as much detail as possible. This way the client can easily share his preferences and confirm all is going well.

4. Barber cape or gown

You don’t want the hair to be falling all over your clothes and body while getting shaved, even when shaving yourself. A cape or gown can help you prevent this. You should put it on before you start being shaved and it can only be removed once you’re done.

5. Scissors

There should be very good pairs of scissors (or shears). These are great for cutting hair down into a desired length. They can also be used to enhance different hair styles for people with long hair. Some clients with very long hair who want to shorten them will require the use of scissors to first reduce the hair size before the hair is further shaved or styled.

There are many other items that are needed, but the ones named above are absolute barbershop must haves. A barbershop must have each of them for a smooth overall experience.

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