4 Bald Fade Haircut for Different Men Personalities

The  low fade haircut is a timeless, manly haircut. And every man can rock and roll out into the sun and about their business in it. Whether you have straight, curly, long or short hair, you are bound to find bald fade haircut that suit your manly facial features and style.  Also, if you have a beard or mustache and want a haircut that goes well with that too (even with the shape of your neckline) one of the stylish bald fade haircuts will sort you out.

Here are cool ways to help maintain your trendy bald fade style at your own convenient time, place and style.

Bald fade haircut for professional men

If you want to maintain a simple, clean and professional profile, choose a mid-bald haircut. This will help you achieve a more workplace-friendly look. A mid-bald haircut is cultured and reverberates with an aura of sophistication while looking less aggressive.

This look is largely low maintenance, requiring less brushing and combing throughout compared to say a French Crop bald fade cut.

But if you want to add some spice to it while still considering your workplace dressing code, you can add a tasteful comb-over and part. That is sure to give a retro twist to your office look.

Bald fade haircut for the bearded man

Does a bald fade go well with a mustache, stubble or full-beard? Absolutely—although, you’ll need to balance the cut.

To convey a clean look as well, go on and have your barber provide an appealing texture in the middle. You two can achieve this if you balance out a full-beard (if you have this) on the bottom with a well-structured profile to the hair up top. This can apply to both men with long haircuts and short looks.

Bald fade haircut for the uniformed man

Are you in the military or wear a uniform at work?

Try maintaining a bald fade haircut that fades to the skin on sides. This is a simple, even professional look especially for the men in uniform. It allows you to forget all about the comb and hair care products you’d otherwise need. No brush required, either.

If you need a defined cut that is also simple and short but do not care for uniforms you can wear it too.

Bald fade haircuts for the trendy man

If you want to maintain your bald fade style with hair design, long comb over, glorious faux Mohawk, stylish pompadour or achieve a striking haute heights look, take to adding a texturizing product to the mix.

In fact, if you want to maintain long hair with a bald fade haircut, you’ll want to purchase a suitable cream, pomade or another preferred hair product to keep it in place. You might also want to check back with your professional barber occasionally or learn to retouch it yourself.

The good side of the long bald fade look is you have more choice when it comes to different hair styles you can apply any day.

Final cut        

While this is one of the easiest haircuts to maintain no matter your personality and occupation, you still need to give it the attention and care it deserves. Try the four bald fade haircuts maintenance tips above to keep yours top-notch.  

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